Thursday, 14 July 2011

All i ever wanted.

Despite being a fun loving-clumsy-starryeyed-flamboyant person i think i've always been a loner; longing poignantly to know how and where im going.
Somehow  I have always been scared of falling in love.I think I am just scared of getting hurt,cause I always have a doubt in my head.Something that makes me want to chicken-out out of every situation; I think I might fall in love with.Its hard to come out of it and it will always be hard,but I think all I am searching for in this testeterone filled world ,is someone  who will love me for what I am and I wouldnt have a choice but to fall for them.And when it happens,it'll happen.

That sound biggie?
Not much.I think I was never looking for a princecharming,I was just looking for a guy who could make me smile when I was dieng.And that might sound biggie.

but for now THATS ALL I WANT:)